2013 Mediterranean Games

2013 Mediterranean Games

By In News On June 21, 2013

Mersin hosts the 2013 Mediterranean Games

23-10-Akdeniz-oyunları-2013-logo The first Mediterranean Games was held in 1951 and have been held every four years. In the games sportsmen fromEurope, Africa and Asia compete with each other.

The competitions are organized to enable social and cultural closeness amongst Mediterranean countries. The games are subject to Olympic rules and competitions are completed in 13 days.

Alexandria was the first city to host the Mediterranean Games.The sixth edition of the games was held in İzmir in 1971. Now Mersin hosts the 2013 Mediterranean Games from 20 to 30 June 2013. The official logo of the 2013 Mediterranean Games, caretta caretta, is comprised of elements representing Mediterranean and Mersin.

So far Turkey is taking the lead. Turkey has gained three gold medals, five silver medals and one bronze medal. In total nine medals. Spain gained three gold medals, one silver and bronze medal. Italy is another country that gained nine medals as well: two gold medals, four silver medals and three bronze medals.

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