A show about a show, a made-up world

A show about a show, a made-up world

By In News On May 17, 2013

Have you watched Yalan Dünya series which is the microcosm of Turkey?

“How much you suffered Gülistan!” It is the eminently popular catch-phrase of Yalan Dünya’s annoying Aunt Vasfiye character. And there are many more characters besides Aunt Vasfiye in the comedy soap opera. They are the “typical” characters of a well known neighborhood of Istanbul. Şehmuz is the paterfamilias of the Kocabaş family. He is an authoritarian father. Servet is the alaturca mother of the Kocabaş family. Gülistan is the uncouth and smart aleck daughter of the family. Selahattin is the cunning groom of the family. The plot is about the clash of a group of artists with a rich but shallow family as they become the family’s tenants.

This show-in-show concept brilliantly makes fun of many aspects of some very popular but low quality TV shows in Turkey in not so subtle ways as well…

D-Productions is the production company of the popular sit-com.

And Gaffer-D is proud to provide the full lighting equipment, studio assistance and technical assistance lighting crew for the soap opera. Its materials are completely provided by the Istanbul Movie Technical Materials (İstanbul Sinema Teknik Malzemeleri).

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