Turkish Airlines Do&Co Resturant Food Photo Shoot PPT / Photo Production Service Turkey

The Turkish Do & Co facility at Istanbul Atatürk Airport is staffed by 2500 food service workers who prepare 150,000 meals daily for an average of 800 flights per day. The majority of these meals, roughly 70%, are for Turkish Airlines passengers, while the remaining 30% go to passengers on other carriers. Turkish Do & Co. provides all of the catering for the Turkish Airlines lounges at Istanbul Atatürk Airport, and all foods prepared at the facility are halal-certified.

As Photo Production Service Turkey (PPT), We are proud to be the full producer for Turkish Air Lines Do&Co Restuarant Food Photo shoot for 2014, Our Production service includes art direction, providing the latest digital equipments, Lighting equipments, Professional Photography Retouching, and Hiring the professional and qualified photographer and art director.