Cinema Production in Turkey

Foreign film companies have spent TL 80 million on producing 18 movies in Turkey since 2011. But in an effort to boost the number of films shot in the country, Turkey is promoting “attraction centers,” meaning desirable and suitable locations for film sets, to Hollywood producers at the 29th Association of Film Commissioners International (AFCI) Locations Show in Los Angeles. Turkish representatives at the fair are hoping to attract film companies producing high-grossing movies.

Since 2011, foreign film companies have spent TL 80 million to produce 18 movies in Turkey including, “Skyfall,” “Argo,” “Taken 2,” and Russell Crowe’s upcoming feature film “The Water Diviner.”

Erdal Aktan, the vice president and Los Angeles representative of the Association of Turkish Film Commissions, said that Turkey has been behind in film-based location marketing and will close the gap with an efficient promotion campaign. “There is a film commission in all U.S. states. However, Turkey lacks such organizations and film commissions. When film producers from different countries ask for service, they first call these commissions. There was a need for an established institution. This is because we founded the Association for Turkish Film Commission,” he added.

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