Ramsey commercial by PPT/Photo Production Turkey

Ramsey commercial by PPT/Photo Production Turkey

By In News On November 5, 2013

A commercial for the “Zero Weight Technique”s creator.

Istanbul based full production company Photo Production Turkey had the very opportunity to work with big and important companies. And the menswear company Ramsey was one of them. Photo Production Turkey did the two days lasted commercials of Ramsey. And Gaffer-D provided the technical equipments.

“A brand born in London, that accepts design and fashion as the reasons of its existence, that focuses on a man’s style every moment in his life…”. “Good fashion, good trend”. Yes, we are talking about Ramsey, the menswear company. Photo Production Turkey (PPT) is proud to work with the company that “… has launched a brand new era in men’s fashion with the ‘Zero Weight Technique’… providing a 50% lighter suits…”. The two days lasted commercial shootings were done by Photo Production Turkey. Photo Production Turkey arranged foreign crews via its office in Berlin. And the technical equipments were provided by Gaffer-D.

We, Photo Production Turkey, would like to realize works with other big companies like Ramsey. We welcome you to Turkey.

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