UK Location Partner

Location X: Location research, scouting and management for Features, TV Drama, Commercials and Stills

Location X is a collection of Location Managers who pool decades of experience and specialist knowledge to provide an exceptional service. We always strive to take your problem away and to add value to your production.

We provide a location scouting and management service to film, TV, commercials, stills production and for events. Between us, we have worked in most countries, under most conditions and we have one of the most extensive networks of location and information sources in the UK and Europe. We can simply set up locations, scout & manage locations or, for stills & smaller productions – production manage the entire shoot. We are used to working strictly within budget and schedule constraints to get the most for your money.

We understand the importance of consistency, honesty, professionalism and developing long term relationships with our clients. Whatever happens on location is our responsibility, even if it’s not our fault!

Collectively, we have covered well over 600 commercials, 700 stills shoots, 60 TV dramas and over 70 Features. We cannot eliminate all location risks on your production, but we can reduce them to an absolute minimum. We know the classic filming locations and we know where to look effectively for most others. Locations come and go and we are constantly on the look out for new sites, recently vacant or open to filming. Those that have not considered filming can often need some coaxing, but our tried and tested methods often gain permissions where others fail.