Why Turkey?

Turkey has an incredibly diverse range of locations that can double for almost anywhere in the world She is often called “the cradle of civilization,” as it has been home to a rich variety of tribes and nations of people since 6500 B.C. Hattis, Hittites, Phrygians, Urartians, Lycians, Lydians, Ionians, Persians, Macedonians, Romans, Byzantines, Seljuks and Ottomans have all held important places in Turkey’s history. Ancient sites and ruins throughout the country attest to each civilization’s unique character.

Turkey is a big country with different climates and it has everything that a film director/producer may want: natural wonders like Cappadocia, Pamukkale, beautiful beaches, rocky shores, waterfalls, lakes, rivers, mountains, dry lands, modern architecture, unique cities, towns, villages and streets. For example The Cappadocia region, where a lot of Hollywood and European films were shot in the past, is like an open-air film studio.

Skyfall Istanbul Turkey Production

7 Reasons for Making Media Production in Turkey!

Cost Effective

Goods and services tax rebate provides incentives for film production in Turkey, Culture and Tourism Ministry says

Hollywood films produced in Turkey – including Skyfall, Argo and Taken 2 – have obtained a value-added-tax rebate of around 12 million Turkish lira (US$ 5.45 million), the culture and tourism ministry has said, The rebate had been granted in co-ordination with the Turkish Finance Ministry under regulations aimed at providing incentives to increase foreign film production in the country, the ministry said on Thursday.

Turkey has become a hub for foreign movies and associated industries since the government implemented an incentive package in 2004, the ministry said, Foreign film companies have spent 80 million Turkish lira (US$ 37 million) on producing 18 movies in Turkey since 2011.

On top of all of its advantages as a place for filming, significantly lower costs are an added attraction to producers. Crew rates, equipment prices, accommodation, studios, construction and art department expenses are the most obvious to name, yet you will be delighted to find out how much you can save in other areas of expenditure too. Recent economical developments brought the currency rate to its most favorable level and created an immense positive impact on our budgets.

Easy Access

Turkey, being southeast corner of Europe, can be easily reached due to its well-developed transportation web. Turkey’s international airports handle over 9500 international flights per week, serving to more than 15 million visitors a year. In addition to Turkish Airlines, almost all of the respected airline companies fly directly to several cities in Turkey. The country is served by 36 ports of entry by sea. Trans European Motorway links Turkey to rest of the Europe, should heavy equipment be trucked.

Excellent Weather

Due to its geographical position, Turkey is ideally suited to filming all around the year. The diversity of the climate and the landscape offer the possibility of finding 4 different seasons during the same period within the country. In the South, days are warm and sunny almost all through the year. Rainfall is rare in the summer months.

In the North, you can enjoy cool summers, mist and sometimes rain surrounded by lush green mountains adjacent to Black Sea.In the East, snow topped mountains will strike you almost anytime of the year.In the Central Anatolia, dry weather will help you to get the desert look in summer in its vast plains, whereas you can shoot snow covered crop fields or peculiar rock formations called “Fairy Chimneys” in winter.

Experienced Crew

As a result of highly competitive and well-developed advertising sector, young yet professionally trained-on-field crew and a strong production infrastructure exist in Turkey. They have been working with the most-demanding directors/producers from all around the world for the past years. Crew in Turkey is non-unionised and due to our strong and long-standing relations in the market, we assure offering you the most talented crewmembers with the prices hard to beat. Most of our key members have good command of English. They are dedicated to secure quality in all aspects of production.

Hi-Tec Equipments

World class filming equipment and post-production facilities can be found in Turkey, following the important investments made during the last decade. As a regular user of these services, Interfilm Istanbul has strong relationships with a range of suppliers allowing us to help you find the right equipment at the right price. If you choose to do so, you can hire almost all of your filming equipment here, from HD DV cams to full 35mm cameras, from cranes to mobile lighting. Anything that can not be sourced locally will be brought in easily from our suppliers in London, Paris, Munich or the States in a day or two.

Variety of Locations

As being one of the best-kept secrets, Turkey has some of the most beautiful and varied natural landscapes in the world. It is surrounded by Black Sea in the north, Aegean Sea in the west and The Mediterranean in the south. Its in-land sea, Marmara is connected to The Black Sea and Aegean Sea by two one of its kind waterways, The Bosphorus and The Dardanelles. These embrace more than 5000 miles of unspoiled rocky and sandy beaches – some situated half an hour drive from mountain ski resorts, expansive fields, lush green forests, splendid lakes, rivers, waterfalls, vineyards, high mountains, even dormant volcanos and deserts. Unique landscapes such as Hierapolis- Limestone Terraces filled with warm water all through the year and Cappadocia- Fairy Chimneys, naturally formed rock formations. Thousands of years of old ancient ruins and more recent historic architecture coexist with hi-Tec office towers. Old Bazaars continue to thrive within walking distance of modern shopping malls. A wide range of landscapes that change noticeably in a space of few kilometres offers the possibility of shooting various takes in different surroundings within the same day.

Turkey 2012: Plato for filmmakers from Hollywood!

The efforts exerted to promote the countries history and natural beauty was achieved in an unexpected way. According to data from 2012, production companies from 36 different countries chose to shoot in Turkey. These included 254 feature films, documentaries, television programs and music video productions which were shot in cities like Istanbul, Konya, Nevsehir, Antalya, Mardin and Diyarbakir together with various other areas of the Anatolian lands.

The USA, England, Germany, France, Armenia, Iran, India, Russia, Qatar, The United Arab Emirates, Nigeria, and the Netherlands were amongst the many countries who applied for filming permits from the Ministry of Culture and Tourism.

The top priority of the Ministry has been to issue permits for productions, which promote and showcase Turkey’s natural, historic and cultural beauties together with the countries global image.

Data obtained from last year from the Ministry of Culture and Tourism show that England (44), Germany (30), France (26), U.S. (19), and the Netherlands (13) had applied and was issued permits for filming in Turkey. In addition to these countries a total of 31 other nations applications were submitted and were successfully issued permits.

The production which brought in a major media buzz was from the Britain’s James Bond – Skyfall.

In addition to the Bond film, producers from the UK also filmed the documentary of The Life of The Worlds Tallest Man; Sultan Kösen,
together with 50 Years of Bond Carriages.

Makers of the 36 countries filmmed documentaries and television programs focusing on Turkish cuisine, The Marmaray Project, historical-tourism places, mosques, regattas, the Turkish workers, silk road, train rides, camel wrestling, fashion and travel.

Here are some of the outstanding productions:

 James Bond Skyfall, Cinema, film, Great Britain, London, 

    Adana, Izmir, Kayseri, Erzurum, Artvin

 Islam, Sufism and the Prophet. Rumi, Documentary,

    France, Istanbul, Konya, Turkey.

 The World’s Tallest Man, Documentary, England,

     Mardin, Diyarbakir.

  50 Years of Bond Carriages, Documentary, UK, London.

 7 Biblical Church, Documentary, USA, Istanbul,

    Izmir, Manisa, Denizli, Turkey.

 Line Out, Documentary, Finland, Istanbul, Turkey,

    Kars, Istanbul.

 Ancient Greek Cities, Orthodox Churches, Documentary,

    Greece, Istanbul, Turkey.

 Returning home, Documentary – Armenia, Istanbul.

 Suleiman the Magnificent, Documentary, France,

    Istanbul, Turkey.

 Turkish Tulip, Documentary, The Netherlands,

    Istanbul, Turkey.

 Isparta Rose, Documentary, Qatar, Isparta, Turkey.


 Sinners, Cinema, film, Iran, Istanbul, Turkey