Yalan Dünya / TV Series – Kanal D

Yalan Dünya / TV Series – Kanal D

By In News, Series On December 15, 2011

Lighting Equipment Service & Technical Assistance: Gaffer-D.com

A show about a show, a made-up world (Yalan Dunya)

Overall, it is a very rich show with lots of ‘typical’ characters of a well known neighbourhood of Istanbul. well of course, it is a comedy and all the typicality is pushed to the extreme and it becomes absurd and hilariously funny from time to time. the plot is about the clash of a group of artists with a rich but shallow family as they become the family’s tenants. these artist characters all play in the same TV show as part of the scenario of Yalan Dunya and thus we also watch this other show as they act it. This show-in-show concept brilliantly makes fun of many aspects of some very popular but low quality TV shows in Turkey in not so subtle ways… Gaffer-D is proud to provide the full lighting equipment, studio assistance and technical assistance lighting crew for the show.


Photo Production Sevice Turkey / PPT

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